SmartAID is an international non-profit agency comprised of a group of veteran humanitarian aid workers and seasoned entrepreneurs from the technology industry. Not only do they deliver humanitarian aid, but also create sustainable development programs for where they are needed most across the globe. SmartAID’s aim is to fight poverty and economic inequality through collaborating with members of the technology and business community to adapt or fund programs developed specifically to solve humanitarian challenges. They effectively administer humanitarian aid where and when it is needed the most. 

If you would like to learn more about SmartAID and their current projects, please visit their website below.





Choose Love is a pioneering new movement in humanitarian aid and is one of the most efficient refugee charities in Europe. After starting as nothing more than a hashtag in 2015 they now provide vital aid to people fleeing war, persecution and climate change. They are currently supporting over 120 projects across the globe with well over 35,000 volunteers dedicated to providing those in need with the support, dignity and empowerment they deserve.

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New Horizon Youth Centre is more than just a youth centre, they are a vital support network for 16-24 year olds who have no one and nowhere else to turn. Every year thousands of young people across London become homeless and New Horizon provides crucial support to the most vulnerable and at risk youth. They provide everything a young person needs to create a positive future, from the most basic daily necessities such as food and hot showers and a place to live, to more career focussed support, such as helping find employment and skills workshops.

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The Namoona Project is the Soneva Foundation’s flagship project, which brings plastic use reduction, recycling, ocean stewardship and environmental education under one umbrella. Soneva Namoona provides funding, expertise and coordination for a waste management system that cleans up local islands and demonstrates that single-use plastics can be phased out. The effort to reduce the use of single use plastic and put a stop to open burning has already started the effort in three islands in the Maldives, with one of the islands already 75% plastic free.

If you’d like to learn more about the Namoona Project, or the Soneva Foundation, please visit their online brochure below.



Mothers2mothers is a charity working towards one goal, to eradicate AIDS and create bright futures for women and families across sub-Saharan Africa. Mothers2mothers employs women living with HIV as Community Health Workers called Mentor Mothers. These women work tirelessly at both at health facilities and also go door-to-door to educate and improve the health of communities across nine African nations by delivering life-changing services to women, children, adolescents, and entire families. Mothers2mothers model creates meaningful employment for women living with HIV and gives them a life beyond the virus.

If you’d like to learn more about Mothers2Mothers or how you can get involved, please visit their website below.